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Conchita Wurst

People may think whatever they want about Austria’s representative and winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. I really do not care, whether people like her or don’t, whether they think her demeanour is appropriate or not, whether they feel like this has been a statement or not, I really do not care. What I do care about, however, are the statements she makes. Conchita is not yet another dumb pop stare with a wide portfolio of stupid things and drunk stories, no, Conchita does have a vision, an idea and a dream she feels like worth fighting. This is both admirable and inspiring for me, in any way. After she won the Song Contest I strove to focus more on the messages she sends out rather than on the music or the publicity around here person. André Heller, an Austrian artist stated in the last episode of ‘Im Zentrum’, an Austrian high-quality chat show, that he hasn’t heard one dumb sentence so far from Conchita. This summarises and reflects my observations completely.

I am already looking forward to her next statements, moves and projects.

God bless Vapiano. (at Vapiano Graz)